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The Recent Accident

Currently looking for a commercial contractor who has time available. Inside is cleaned up and we are having worship service in the sanctuary again. 

Ok - I know everyone is curious. 

We did move back into the Sanctuary at Easter.

 The front is still blocked off by plywood, however we did make an emergency exit over there. 

 What used to be the back door is now the entrance and we have added ramps for ease of wheelchair access to that side.

We have been advised it is safe to worship in the building as long as we remain away from the accident area. The back pews are marked off due to battery acid burns on the carpet and pews that make the floor unlevel but everything we have access to is beautiful and functional.  It has been difficult to find a contractor with all of the growth in Crestview currently. We have a couple coming out to give quotes and there should be news coming soon. We are all excited to start the rebuild chapter of this heartbreaking event.

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