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Children's Christmas Gift Drive

First Presbyterian and The Women's Group is so excited about this Drive! I know it will be a great success and I can't wait to see what you bring.

We are collecting gifts for local kids in need at Christmas for the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program. We have selected children in Crestview and starting this Sunday you can view the items on their Christmas list. This can be so much more than toys there are so many items that are so very important to the children. 

The Children's Christmas Gift Drive is all wrapped up and everyone did a wonderful job.    Thank You!


Walky Talky's




Shoes, socks

cars, Legos, dolls

skateboard, bike, pads

 hats, pants, gloves, jackets

Suitcase, tackle box, Jewelry box

dress, hairbows, lacey socks, stockings

Khakis, sports coat, dress shoes, maybe a tie

soccer ball, base ball, basket ball, soft ball, volley ball

older kids love good shampoo and conditioner maybe body wash kits

 face cleanser

        Will you help us put gifts under the tree this Christmas?

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